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How long does a traffic violation, accident, or suspension stay on my Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and drive up my insurance rates?

Answer: at least 3 years (36 months).  This is standard across all insurance companies in California.

DUIs: 10 years.

License Suspension (including for “Failure to Appear”): 5 years, depending on the insurance company.  Insurance companies have some flexibility on what they can decide to charge for, so some insurance companies may be more lenient than others on suspended licenses, if the suspension is due to a technicality.

At-Fault Accidents: 3 years, if the damage caused by the accident exceeds $750 (some companies $1,000) or if the accident resulted in bodily injury or death.

Exceptions:  Non-Chargeable Violations include:

  • Most parking violations.
  • Bicycle or Moped violations
  • Emission Control (Smog) Violations.




Type of Violations, by the severity of the surcharge:


  • Failure to yield
  • Driving on the shoulder
  • Defective equipment


  • Red light / stoplight violation / stopsign



  • Reckless driving
  • Refusal to test
  • Drag racing


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Southern California Earthquake Risk Increases; Most Homeowners Uninsured

A sudden flurry of minor earthquakes at the tip of the San Andreas Fault has seismologists worried that the “Big One” could be triggered, the Los Angeles Times reports. In any given week, the normal risk of a major quake that would cause homeowners and commercial property owners in Greater Los Angeles to lose their properties is about 1 in 6,000, scientists estimate. This week’s swarm of quakes dramatically increases the risk of a major (7.0+) quake occurring within 7 days to as low as 1 chance in 100. Read the Los Angeles Times article here.



Despite the annual warning notices that insurance companies mail to homeowners, most property owners have let their earthquake insurance policies lapse or have never purchased coverage, and would lose their home or business if an earthquake levels it. For the past decade, there have been few options to purchase earthquake insurance, and policies came with such high deductibles (15%) that homeowners were discouraged and opted to forgo coverage and take the risk.

In recent months, new earthquake insurance policies have become available with improved coverage.

Under the previous offerings, a 15% deductible meant that a home insured for $500,000 had to sustain at least $75,000 in damage for the policy to pay a claim; faced with the thought of having to pay the first 15% of their home’s insured value, many homeowner preferred to ignore the risk altogether.

(Notice that fine point: the earthquake deductible applies to a % of the insured value, not a % of the damage.) For example, if an earthquake hits a home insured for $500,000, and the earthquake causes minor cracking of the foundation and walls, and also results in water damage from a burst pipe, and that damage costs $100,000 to repair, the claim would be settled like this:

$100,000 repair cost – (15% x $500,000 insured value) = $25,000 claim payout.

New Earthquake Insurance Policies are closing the gaps in coverage that older policies contain.

The new earthquake insurance policies now offer lower deductible options: 5% or 10%. That means that homeowners can sleep better at night! It’s much more comforting to know that your earthquake insurance policy will pay the cost to rebuild or repair your house in the event of an earthquake without having to take a out a loan to cover the policy’s deductible.

In addition, some of the new earthquake policies now include substantial coverage for swimming pools, walkways, driveways, patios, and retaining walls. Most earthquake policies limit coverage on those items to just $3,000 or so. Clearly, $3,000 would not be sufficient to replace a swimming pool or a lot of paving/decking. The new policy options can take care of those items, too, if you are careful to purchase a policy that specifically provides that coverage.

For advice and help obtaining earthquake coverage for yourself or your business, contact Jonathan Edewards at Citrust Insurance at 626-765-4495 or



For advice and help obtaining earthquake coverage for yourself or your business, contact Jonathan Edewards at Citrust Insurance at 626-765-4495 or


How President Abraham Lincoln obtained a last-minute insurance policy the night before leaving for Washington D.C. to be inaugurated.


Like any American homeowner, Abraham Lincoln was rightfully proud of his home in Springfield, Illinois, the only home he ever owned. All of his children had been born there, and he made many improvements, even adding a second floor to accommodate his growing family.

On February 10th, 1861, on the eve of Lincoln’s departure for Washington DC for his first inauguration, his home in Springfield was buzzing with friends and well-wishers.  But there was work to be done that night, and Lincoln had asked his old friend, Hartford insurance agent James J. Hill to help, because he was planning to rent out his home while he was living in the White House.
Lincoln sought the protection and security of a fire policy from The Hartford.  Carefully measuring the rooms, and even providing a discounted premium for Lincoln’s new wood stoves, Agent Hill worked long into the night to diligently write the $3,200 insurance policy that Lincoln would sign the next morning before departing for Washington DC.
Jonathan Edewards is an independent insurance agent in Pasadena, California who is proud to continue the work of insuring homeowners and business owners, and represents quality insurance companies such as The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, QBE, and others.

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When things go wrong–and even for every day needs like billing and showing proof of coverage–you want an insurance company that responds quickly and efficiently.  An insurance agent can help you when the insurance company is slow to respond, but why not start out with the best?

When it comes to customer service and satisfaction, I think that The Hartford Insurance Company is one of the best available.  I’ve personally seen The Hartford respond time and time again, and they are unfailingly pleasant and eager to help.

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Santa Ana Winds Topple Pasadena Trees, Insurance Claims Result

How a personal insurance agent can help you recover from a personal or commercial loss.

The fiercest winds in 50 years caused a lot of damage in Pasadena and Los Angeles on Wednesday.

This unlucky Volvo was crushed by a toppled tree

On the street where I live, I saw at least 2 cars that had been crushed by huge tree limbs that fell on them, smashing the roof and windows.  “Comprehensive” auto insurance coverage, also known as “other-than-collision,” is devised to help an insured recover from just such a loss.  It also provides coverage from theft. Home owners and business owners whose awnings blew away, or whose roofs were damaged, or windows broken, or who lost business due to a power outage, should be able to recover the loss from their property insurance. Businessowners’ policies even typically provide some coverage for plants, shrubs, and trees (usually limited to $2,500 or less per plant), and may be able to include the cost to replace the trees that were torn from the ground in their claim. The fastest and easiest way to report a claim is to call the insurance company claims hotline directly.  My Safeco Insurance clients should call 800-332-3226. Insureds who have bypassed an agent by purchasing insurance online, or directly from the insurance company, must call their claims hotline, and have no other alternative. However, an insurance agent provides a second alternative to contacting the insurance company directly and dealing with the claims hotline.  My clients know that they can always call me for assistance with the claim. Having an agent is valuable for (at least) two reasons: an agent has a personal, continual relationship with you and should be familiar with your special situation already.  Less time is spent gathering information and correcting misunderstandings.  Secondly, an agent is familiar with the “inside contacts” within an insurance company, and can help a client “go up the ladder” if a problem arises and the claim is not handled to the client’s satisfaction. For example, I recently assisted a business client who had experienced an costly auto accident.  The dealership, where the Mercedes had been taken for repair, was backed up and not cooperating with the claims department.  After several non-responses, and an estimate that was close to the car’s value, the insurance company moved to declare the vehicle a total loss, rather than proceeding with repair.  The insured preferred to repair the vehicle. I intervened with both the dealership and the claims department, pointing out to the dealership that they were about to lose the repair business unless they offered better terms to the insurance company.  On the claims side, I contacted the manager of the claims department, reviewed the valuation report, noted that the vehicle’s condition was better than the report indicated, and thus a total loss would require a larger settlement than previously thought.  The vehicle was repaired, and my client was pleased. The insurance companies that I represent have excellent, fast, and friendly claim departments, and claims are handled to the customer’s satisfaction the first time around, which is why I recommend that clients make their initial report directly to the insurance company. But if the case goes awry, I’m available to assist. Pasadena will be green again, and the residents and businesses who are properly insured will be able to recover from their loss relatively painlessly.  That’s what insurance–and an insurance agent–is for.