Your friendly insurance professional

Your friendly insurance professional


●   President of the Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association.
●   Insurance Agent with Citrust Insurance Agency / ACI Commercial Insurance Brokers.


How would your life or your business be impacted if a fire destroyed your property? If you were hit by a lawsuit? If you became ill, or an employee were injured? Could you pay for the medical bills, replace your property, keep your income intact?

That is the every-day RISK OF LOSS that individuals and business face. Insurance is a way to transfer those risks of loss from you to an insurance company.

My job is to help individuals & businesses to think about risks and provide an insurance solution that fits.

Jonathan sells Health, Life, Auto, Property, & Liability Insurance, and Workers Compensation.  

Jonathan is a Certified Covered California Insurance Agent and is helping individuals & businesses enroll in the new Healthcare exchanges.

With appointments with Insurance companies such as Travelers, Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, California Capital, CNA, EMC, and Safeco, Jonathan is positioned to serve the owners of: apartments ● retail stores ● restaurants ● fruit & vegetable wholesalers ● electronics wholesale ● self-storage centers ● auto repair shops ● grocery stores ● bio-tech ● condo associations.


Jonathan is a resident of Pasadena, California, and is the president of the Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association, working to advance the progress of a walkable, beautiful city.

Jonathan also enjoys the arts, theatre, and photography.








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