Jonathan Edewards



● Insurance Agent with Citrust Insurance Agency / ACI Commercial Insurance Brokers. ● President of the Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association. As an independent insurance agent, Jonathan protects people & business from risk, and provides people with peace of mind that comes from knowing they' ll be OK in the event of a fire, theft, lawsuit, illness, or injury. Jonathan is a Certified Covered California Insurance Agent and sells Health, Life, Auto, Property, & Liability Insurance, and Workers Compensation. How would your life or your business be impacted if a fire destroyed your property? If you were hit by a lawsuit? If you became ill, or an employee were injured? Could you pay for the medical bills, replace your property, keep your income intact? That is the every-day RISK OF LOSS that individuals and business face. Insurance is a way to transfer those risks of loss from you to an insurance company. My job is to help individuals & businesses to think about risks and provide an insurance solution that fits. Jonathan lives in Downtown Pasadena and is a co-founder of an organization that advocates for sustainability, walkability, livable streets, and quality of life through progressive urban policy. Jonathan also enjoys the arts, theatre, opera, and photography.

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