iPhone App Dials Claims, Roadside Assistance for Quick Help

In the admittedly boring world of insurance, it’s a challenge for companies to innovate and excite their customers with new products.  When was the last time you saw a line out the door of your local insurance agent for the latest expanded coverage option?

Not recently, I wager.

However, Safeco Insurance–which offers personal auto & homeowners insurance as part of the Liberty Mutual insurance group–has hit on a nifty new feature to help their customers.  And as an added bonus, they get to be associated with trendy tech giant Apple, Inc.

The new feature is  Safeco’s iPhone application.

The app empowers customers to take camera-phone photos of their dented cars and wrecked roofs, and then e-submit to claims.  It will dial directly to your insurance agent (me!) or the claims department, or call for Roadside Assistance.  Plus, you can view your policy information, auto ID cards, or get a quote.


One of the app users recently sang its praises when she told us how it helped an unpleasant situation go more smoothly.

A week after downloading the app, Texas agent Cherie Y was driving home on a dark stretch of rural highway, “in the middle of nowhere,” when she hit a deer.

“It was a mess,” she says.

Cherie immediately grabbed her iPhone and accessed Safeco’s app.

“I pushed two options and I was reporting the entire claim after I had a three-way conversation with Roadside Assistance,” says Cherie.

It was after midnight on a cold, wintry night so she was thankful when, one hour later, she found herself “warm and toasty” in the cab of a tow truck.

“I never dialed a phone number myself,” says Cherie. “Does it get any better than that?”

The next morning, an adjuster stopped by and Cherie had her claim check in hand by noon, less than 12 hours after the accident.

“At no time did we tip our hand” about being a Safeco agent, says Cherie. “I felt like a secret shopper.”

If you are a Safeco customer and have an iPhone, take a few minutes to download it.   

By the way, our office opens at 9am.  See you in line!

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