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Jonathan sells Insurance: Health Insurance & Employee Benefits, Medicare plans, Property, Liability, Errors & Omission, Workers Compensation etc. Independent insurance broker. We help individuals and business owners understand which insurance policy is the right choice. No fees; it costs the same to buy a policy with our help as it does without. These are the types of calls that we answer and solve every day: "Which health plan covers my doctors?" "I'm turning age 65, what do I do for Medicare?" "How can our business stay within budget and still offer attractive Employee Benefits?" "A few of our employees were injured, our Workers Compensation ExMod jumped, and now the premium is double!" "Should I get a Medicare Supplement ("MediGap plan), Medicare Advantage, or a Part D drug plan?" "I need a dependable, knowledgable Broker for my hotel, store, or other business." Jonathan’s business partner is Edsel Dsouza. An affiliate of Kinney & Co (ACI Commercial Insurance), we have 14+ years experience in providing advice and expertise to business owners. Jonathan & Edsel provide health, security, and peace of mind through sales of commercial and personal insurance policies that keep you "open for business" in the event of a fire, theft, lawsuit, illness, or employee injury. Inspired by the historical groves of oranges and lemons that once grew in Southern California, Citrust Insurance was founded in 2013 to provide California residents with assistance enrolling in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)'s health insurance exchange, which leads the nation in providing major medical insurance to thousands of people who were previously unable to obtain healthcare. Jonathan & Edsel are Certified Covered California Insurance Agents and helps individuals and business to figure out the complicated tax credits, income requirements, etc. Besides insurance, Jonathan is interested in great cities: walkable interesting neighborhoods. Jonathan also enjoys the arts, theatre, opera, and photography.

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